Friday, 31 March 2017

Bio Poems!

Lets get to know each other through a little poetry! Here are the finished graphic designs published using Canva.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Friday Challenge!

This term we are learning about the Habit of Mind Thinking Interdependently which means working together in a group.  Last Friday Room 5 came and joined us and we worked in groups of four people.  We were given 6 cups, four pieces of string and one rubber band.
Challenge: stack the cups up in a pyramid without touching the cups.
2nd Challenge: Stack the cups again but without the string mostly touching the cups.

We had lots of feelings throughout this challenge and lots of discussion about the skills we needed to have to work well as a team. We also looked at roles that people take in groups and why we need those roles.

Triathlon awards

Following the recent CSNS Triathlon, the awards for first second and third we presented at our first assembly for the year. A big congratulations to Muse, Ralph and Corbin who received certificates for their results. 

Forcesome Four is very proud of everyone for taking part and giving it their best effort. This was, for lots of us, our very first Triathlon and now we have achieved something very special.

Yesterday I did our Triathlon. It was easy peasy. First we did running on the CSNS field. After that we hopped on our scooters. I came 14th. I was very proud of myself. Last we did swimming. That was the best day ever. By Cooper


Yesterday I went to the school triathlon. I was exciting for the running and the biking. I was not happy because I was not the first. My favourite part was the swimming part. My prize is an apple and a drink bottle. What's your favourite part. I was running with the whole middle syndicate.By Haidar

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Haidar's Go for Gold Award!

At our first school assembly for the year, Haidar got a Go for Gold award from Mr Kennedy. Forcesome Four love to celebrate each others achievements and we are so proud of you Haidar! 

Term 1 Swimming

We have been swimming on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Term 1.  Forcesome Four has been tracking our progress on our swimming matrix so we know what we can do and to set our learning goals to practise at our sessions.

Check out what we an do! 

We can get into the pool safely...

We can kick...

We are working on floating on our tummy and back without help....

We are learning to kick our way across the pool (width or length) using a flutter board....

We are learning to swim freestyle across the pool...

We are learning to duck and dive to the bottom of the pool...

We can have fun learning to swim and to be safe around water!