Friday, 21 July 2017

Lost Library Books

Two books out from our Library issued under Miss Sturgess' name have escaped our classroom for an exciting adventure! 

Please can you check at home to see if one went accidentally to your house? 
Thank you! 

Matariki Kite Flying!

The Seven Kites of Matariki

Once upon a time lived 7 sisters. At new year the sisters built some kites because they were celebrating maori new year. I like the 2 sisters kite. They went to fly their kites but there was no wind so they waited under near grandad Puriri, a big tree. The sisters went one by one went to sleep because they were tired.
The wind went so hard on the branch the kites flew away and when the littlest sister woke up she said “where's my kite?” Eldest sister pointed to the sky. They saw 6 kites in the sky. Then… the kites were flying stars!  The 6 older sisters went away at the beach back home because they smelled kai cooking. But the littlest sister stayed there. She was amazed when suddenly she saw her kite there. She saw seven stars and she felt happy. She had seen the matariki stars.

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The End  
By Corbin  

Matariki Word Art By Ralph

Sports Rotations

Here are some pictures of just a few of the sports we have been trying out this term! 

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Year Two Cross Country!

Week 9 saw the Year Twos take on the Junior Syndicate Cross Country challenge! A stellar effort by Forcesome Four Year Twos. We loved watching you all Go for Gold!  

We are super proud of Charlotte who came first place for the Year Two girls and of Ralph, Corbin and Sean who came first, second and third in the Year Two boys race.  Ka mau te wehi!  

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Hockey Festival


Rooms 3, 4 and 5 worked together to learn more about ANZAC day and to express our learning in various ways.